Customise Your Backdrop

It’s awesome! Until the end of the year, we offer you all our ready-made backdrops at no additional cost:


Our party tinsel is a classic for photo booths as it catches the light nicely and gives a party mood to all your pictures.


Our sexy satin collection gives you premium fabric material that will shine on your pictures, giving them a very posh and luxurious look.


Our shiny star collection made of premium sequins will give a luxury shine to your pictures, adding a glamorous and vintage-like charm.

Or customise it yourself
You can also choose a different color (like turquoise, apple green, etc) and your material (either tinsel, satin or sequin) and we will get it done for you for a small extra fee.

If you prefer a solid printed background or a flower wall we can take care of the design, the structure rental and the printing for you as well. Get in touch with us for more info.


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