Customise Your Photo Booth Design

With Mr PhotoBooth, you can entirely re-design the photo booth so that it follows your corporate identity, party theme or location.

By putting the Photo Booth in a cardboard casing, we allow you to print the design of your choice!

We offer 2 options:

  1. Small Add Sticker: for a small extra fee, we will design and print a A3-size advert that we will stick to the front panel of the booth so that everybody having fun taking pictures will associate this experience with your brand.
  2. Full wrap: for an extra fee, we will cover the entire photo booth with your own artwork. We will help you design it so that it fits properly and we will take care of the printing and fitting.



And if you want more interaction with the crowd, we do offer extra LED display so that your crowd can see what’s happening in the photo booth! We can add up a 50-inch flat panel on a movable stand to be placed either next or behind the booth!



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